Agreement on the convention of use:

The set of user conditions cited in this convention applies on login into the site and using (

Terms and conditions of use must be read side by side with the other conditions during visit and use of (, including privacy statement and relative defining files we have.

Terminology used on Matgerik:

The terminology of Matgerik website registered below side by side (all together) is a part of user convention clauses:

The member: the person who registers on the website.

The advertiser: registered or unregistered person who adds announcements on the website.

The visitor: the person who logs in the website to navigate and search for the available announcements on the website.

Matgerik: a special tab found on the website which is exclusively made for the already registered members. It includes (the members favourite adds, the control panel in the settings and the members personal file, the adds added by the member with the ability of screening and organising adds)

Sub classifications: The principal part in Matgerik includes sub classifications which allow for a more precise definition of the ads field such as: Main classification (cars) includes inside the sub classification (Mercedes)

- The ad will appear on social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

- The ad will be published within 90 days on the site.


Method of registration and use


ü all the entered data in the website should be adequate with Islamic precepts whether they are found in the included ads or in the members data and any violation of these principals will give us the right to delete the ad with the member in the website without prior notification

ü It is kindly requested to carefully assure that all the entered data during the registration process is valid like: contact numbers or your special electronic mail, in addition to that you have to work on a regular update and modification of your password. In case that any invalid information has been entered the website administration will take a strict measure which is the immediate cancelation of the membership.

ü During the registration process, it is prohibited to use a indecent or ambiguous user name in ambiguous letters or numbers.

ü In case the member does not use his membership in the site for more than a year, the registered membership will automatically be deleted from Matgerik.

ü It is banned on Matgerik to repeat the same ad for more than once, and if it turns out the same member is repeating the ad for more than one time, this behaviour will result in losing the membership on the website.

ü It is banned on Matgerik the inclusion of ambiguous ads or unclear ones, the website administration obliges you to show a strict commitment to the kind of disaggregated ads.

ü It is banned to add links to external website on Matgerik with marketing purposes.

ü the advertiser on our website has the full right to include only four pictures. Whether this is in the main part or in sub classifications.

ü for the sake of enquiring or participating in the website development through proposals you can get in touch directly with the website administration through contact us page using the available methods.

ü The website can be used free of charge for visitors or members. You do not need to register to browse and review marketing advertisements in the Arab world. So that the information provided on the site remains valid for personal use only.

ü You cant exploit or reproduce information including advertisements under any circumstances to mislead, attract visitors and movement to any other site for profit or for commercial marketing purposes

ü The ebsite owns intellectual property rights, including the Matgerik logo. You may not use the Logo or reproduce any content on the website for any reason without the written consent of the Administration. For any special requests or situations, please contact us page through the available contact form.

ü Commercial exploitation or all copying, distribution, publishing or republishing of the content on your store is prohibited, and it refuses to post any content on the Internet for the purpose of providing services or reproducing it.

ü The site has the full right to change the terms and conditions of the agreement when required, without notice to the member or visitor, and your continued use of the site is your public approval of the amendment to the terms of use, every user, visitor or member is kindly requested to review the terms and conditions on the website.

ü The Arabic text remains the legal basis before any legal accountability, and the translation of the text of the agreement of use to any language will not be considered.

ü The use of the services available on the site is prohibited by any person or agent, whether or not this person is a member or a customer of us, for the purpose of making prohibited and illegal sales and purchases that contain suspicious or stolen content explicitly or implicitly during use.

ü The posting of classified ads is prohibited on the site. The member must ensure that he has chosen the appropriate section with the correct ad classification during the addition of any advertisement.

ü When you add your ad, you must adhere to the fact that it contains credible data and information (ad title, ad content, country, phone numbers, etc.).

We dont assume responsibility

ü The website is not responsible for any advertisements that do not achieve credibility. Thats because the ads on Matgerik website are entered by users and members of the site from all over the Arab world. In return, we encourage members to send any feedback about the problems of using the site or to report illegal advertisements via our contact page.

ü The website has the right to stop any requests made by the customer or all requests, if it is confirmed that it violates the terms and conditions of the usage agreement, and this does not result any legal or financial liability on the website or the third party therein.

ü  It is prohibited to display any advertisement which includes products with a clear violation of the laws and regulations which may make the site legally responsible to legal accountability or harm from anyone who has the authority to supervise and assist local trade or the terms and conditions of e-commerce. If the violation is proved with the evidence, the management and owners of the site do not have any legal responsibility and the customer (owner of the advertisement and the infringing content) will have to assume all his responsibility with an official declaration. This goes according to the user and full responsibility agreement.

ü   The contact information of the member or advertiser (phone number or e-mail) and any other data placed in the advertisement and participation in the site to communicate in the course of business dealings, is not subject to confidentiality, and the site is not responsible for them. The same member or the advertiser has full responsibility for everything he publishes in his content and contacts within the site).

ü Commercial transactions and agreements (functions, sales, purchases, rents, etc.) that are located within the site, occur directly between the parties (advertiser and navigator) without any interference or responsibility from the site.

ü When we use the site for the content presented on it, we are not required to offer any financial compensation to you as a result of this use, and we do not require any provision of this user agreement with the necessity of using any contact.

ü The terms and conditions of this Agreement are clearly applicable to us and users of your store, It is absolutely banned to reproduce and distribute the Agreement or the use of these Terms and Conditions by any person, company or third party. We agree to retain fully our right to perform any obligations arising. We have to instruct terms and conditions and exercise all our rights under what has been granted to us under the terms and conditions.

ü All the logos in use either registered or not found on the site are signs including the logo of ‘’exclusive commercial for our site, it is the ALWAN-ATTAIF MATJAREK companys propriety’’. So, its strictly banned to copy or redistribute it.

ü Your continuous use of the site as a member would signify that you consent on this agreement during registration procedure. In addition to that, this means you have to show total commitment to every item cited in this agreement.