(matjarek.com) is applying privacy policy concepts through protecting and treating your personal data when you log in the site or you use it as a visitor. (matjarek.com) assumes all responsibilities towards your data protection and takes it seriously. To achieve this objective , our store apply all privacy principals on the web.  

2-Users consent on privacy declaration:

ü -This privacy declaration should be written side by side with the other conditions during visiting and using (matjarek.com), like our user terms and conditions and cookies policy. The designated pages throughout this site are considered to be named agreement act between you and a moving site.

ü -and we are ardently asking to you to carefully read the all the act pages and with optimal care, because it contains terms with a great importance like the method including those limitations in which you may be able to use (matgerik.com) and also how to treat your personal data on our websiteetc

ü -Using (matgerik.com), the user agrees on convention conditions. If you dont understand the privacy principals or a part of them, or when you read the convention you didnt agree on some parts of the content, you will then be asked to avoid using (matgerik.com)  and the provided services.

ü -Its not necessary to register in the site to be able to visit (matgerik.com)

ü -However, you may be asked to go through the registration operation on (matgerik.com) before you get benefit of certain advantages. And this is a necessary to provide the requested service. When you register , you will be asked again to agree on the convention.

ü -We have the right to modify the agreement condition at any time without a prior notification to the user. Please, make sure that you have read the latest update and the most recent copy of the privacy policy and whether you agree on them or not.

3-Obligations of the member towards the principles of privacy:


ü -Each new user of your store is invited to read and agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy before filling out his application or adding an advertisement. This agreement applies the concepts of credibility, good faith, and rules that are legally and customarily recognized during the use of the network.

ü -during the registration process, the new user is clearly asked to make this his information and provided data confidential or private; this information is required to enable the team at your store to contact the subscribers with all the new services and updates on the site and send ads Relevant and suitable for the member.

ü -the information modification and update from time to time is a necessary step and considered as a security measure to guarantee data privacy. So, it is recommended to every member to update his information according to the available guidelines in the bulletins and updates on the site from time to time.

ü -The registered member is the only responsible for the protection of his account and the content available in his advertisements and all what is related to him. Thus, Matjerek website and the third part that takes part in the distribution and reproduction of any material or declaration that assumes no liability for any loss or damage. This concerns material or moral, directly or indirectly arising from the use of this site or the inability to use it or from any error or deletion or defect in it or the lack of credibility of the contained information or any disruption or interruption in broadcasting on the network.

ü -If you forget your special password, Matjerek site administration will send you a notification back with this word only. And our established law does not allow the working team to reveal the password of any user.  

4-Site Commitments to Privacy Principles:

ü -The confidentiality and privacy of your information and use of our services is one of the team's obligations to your store. We make a clear and comprehensive commitment to your data security. We take all appropriate measures to prohibit others from contacting you without your consent. There is an explicit communication of abuse or misuse of the site via a contact form. -the site administration assumes not to use the user's information and data for any purpose that is illegal and does not comply with the accepted law.

ü -the content of your special deals on the site are confidential and can

ü Only be revealed in extreme cases such as a legal claim for an action brought against you, for the protection of the rights of the Site or persons, or in the case of the paragraph below:

ü -In order to add some new services to the users of your store (matgerik.com), the site management deals with partnership agreements and cooperation with other companies with a global reputation on the Internet, and in this sense, any exchange of data between the administration of the site and these companies will have no interference or any impact on our security and respect for the privacy of your correspondence and information, and our team conducts sufficient investigations to ascertain the legality of these companies and the extent of application and respect for privacy laws, especially those that concern your privacy, before contracting and enter into a partnership with them.

ü -The administration of your store (Matjerik.com) is based on effective, protected and confidential systems and takes all necessary precautions to secure and store user information and communications.

5-Do you have any further questions?

We are very pleased to have you as a part of (Matjerek) site. And its an honor for us to have you as a faithful user with regular log in to the site. So, please in the case you have any further questions on how to use the site and privacy of data and personal information special for you, or you actually have suggestions or remarks on ways of using the site, you may contact us using the details of contact us  page details on the site.